what's right for your beard?

Beard Oils

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Our beard oils consists of avocado oil (great for healthy hair) and sweet almond oil (great for healthy skin) and a mix of essential oils. Beard oil is great for softening the hair and moisturizing the skin below. Beard Oils are perfect for short stubble and sharp facial hair as it softens the hair shaft. Hehe, "shaft." Anyway, those with longer beard hair can also use beard oil for a softer more luxurious beard. Use it in the mornings or after washing your beard because the hair follicles and pores are open and so the oil will easily be absorbed.

Beard Balms

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Our Beard Balms are a mix of avocado and sweet almond carrier oils, essential oils for scent, shea butter, and natural beeswax. The shea butter adds moisture to both your skin and beard while the beeswax gives you a slight hold. Beard balms are perfect for moisturizing your beard and skin while adding a little shape. They're also great for taming down wiry hairs so your beard lays smooth.  Use beard balms after showering and towel drying your beard. 

Beard Butters

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 Butters are a mix of carrier oils (you guessed it, avocado and sweet almond), essential oils for scent, shea butter and coconut oil for maximum moisture, and just a touch of beeswax to give you a slight hold, Beard butters are used to help lock in moisture whilst making the beard hair soft and manageable. Butters are the ideal product for styling and will keep your beard nicely in place. You'll also get a great shine.